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Relationships: Can love be lost?

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Rudi Kennard talks honestly about the separation between him and his wife, and how love is not lost, just transformed into another form, and in his case a more powerful ‘deeper’ love.

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  1. Ankush says:

    Wow Rudi. I feel admire you for being so open and vulnerable in sharing this very personal situation for both you and Jenny. Thank you.

  2. Pamela Baines says:

    This is wonderful Rudi. I have had some experience of this and you are so right, I wanted change too but I did fight it so much, 10 years of self inflicted misery. Thank you.
    Pam B

  3. Michael says:

    Wow, this came across at the best of times. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

  4. Christian Johansson says:

    I love it! Thanks for this Rudi! Brilliant! 🙂

    Rating: 5
  5. Sarah Feifel says:

    Thank you for sharing what happened to you! It was very very brave. I believe these videos are a must for everyone in the 3P community need to see because they allude to life being much greater and much beyond our perception of it. The videos touched how the formless has a great influence on our lives without our ever being conscious of it. I think the process of what happened should be studied and understood at a most spiritual level. Jenny was reacting to a feeling which she interpreted through thought. The feeling was deep seated and couldn’t be avoided. Jenny was lucky enough to see and acknowledge it. Rudy was beautiful in allowing both Jenny and himself to go through the feeling processes in order to heal. I shed a tear or two through it all. Something similar happened to me but far less dramatic in which I kept getting a feeling that I must leave a spiritual community I had joined. I kept telling myself it is just a thought but it kept coming back at a greater depth of feeling. I just could not shake the feeling away. When I finally decided to give in to my feeling and leave, I felt relieved and I knew that it had to be done. It must have had to do with my karma or the way my insides were built. Jenny could not avoid feeling her feelings no matter how she tried. These 4 videos are a great step forward to understanding the Principles in more depth and that the formless is always there to guide us..

  6. Libor says:

    thank you for sharing your transformation story about relationship break up ! I have recently experienced something similar to Rudi´s story after my partner said to me “I do now want to be with you anymore!” …big mess in my head and 3-months process of accepting the unacceptable, letting go …and finally re-discovering my own true source of joy and love.
    But in contrast to Rudi´s and Jenny´s story, I stand alone in this new situation, because my ex-partner unfortunately had and still has no interest to convert it in other form of love. And I felt sad about this, because it´s not my style – I have lovely friendships with all my ex-partners too, and it did not suceed only with the last one…. I feel from her like a strange taste of denial, refusal, dislike,…not so much positive things, which I would never have expected from someone who was involved in 3P mentoring in our country. I did my own work and the rest is up to her…. So long !

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