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What are the Three Principles? Trailer

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A short animated trailer highlighting what the three principles are, and how they work to
create the human experience


What are the Three Principles?

Wow, that is a big question! In attempting to give clarity to this question, we will first have to explain what a ʻprincipleʼ or a ʻconstantʼ is, that creates the ʻparadigmʼ (the way something works) that we are living in.

A true paradigm (the way something has always worked) is based on constants, the three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought are those constants.

Gravity is a constant and is an invisible ʻpowerʼ, ʻforceʼ or ʻprincipleʼ that underlies our physical universe. Although we can’t ʻseeʼ gravity it exerts a noticeable effect on our lives.

What gravity is to the physical world, the three principles are to our psychological worlds.

Like gravity, the three principles are not ʻthingsʼ but forces or powers that work ʻbehind the scenesʼ to create our experience of life.

They are not something we think about, but what we are thinking with!

So what are they? The fact of existence (MIND), the fact we have some awareness of existence (CONSCIOUSNESS) and the fact that we navigate our varying consciousness of existence (THOUGHT). We talk about them as three, but ultimately they are just one conscious thinking mind, hence the three are one.

ʻLearningʼ the Three Principles, is an attempt to go beyond the above concepts and insightfully understand the nature of how these forces or principles are the constants behind how life works.
Gravity (at least on this planet) only works one way: things go downwards. There are no exceptions to this. It’s not as if things in India go ʻdownʼ, but in France they go up sometimes. Everything, everywhere adheres to the same neutral forces of gravity all the time (as far as I know). It only works one way, all the time with no exceptions, hence being referred to as a ʻconstant.ʼ

Isaac Newton did not create gravity, he just brought an invisible, pre-existing physical principle or force to our attention. Sydney Banks did not create the Three Principles, he just made an invisible, pre-existing psychological principle or force more visible.

The Three Principles are a true paradigm of the ʻinside-outʼ nature of human experience OR a description of how we work psychologically OR a spiritual truth that can take us back home. Please pick the statement that most resonates with you.

Where many enquiries into the mind seek to change, be aware, stop, do better, analyse or control our minds (prescriptive), the Three Principles are the powers OF and THAT we have a mind (descriptive).

The Three Principles understanding does not look at WHAT we are experiencing, but HOW we are experiencing

So you may be thinking, ʻThanks for the science lesson but how does this work in the ʻreal world?ʼ

The missing link

Right now, we are not experiencing ʻthe worldʼ or ʻout thereʼ but our thinking of ʻthe worldʼ or ʻout thereʼ.
The missing link to understanding the human experience is including thought in our

When we exclude thought we blame the weather, our partners, the economy etc for how we feel. When we include thought, we understand that it is our thinking in the moment giving us a transient experience of the weather, our partners or the economy.

This is how something in the world may not change, like a person, or a situation, yet we can keep having a different experience of them/it as our thinking changes. We are not saying we are creating the world out there, it is just coming to us, through, and by our thinking in the moment.

The missing link works one way

Why is it that a group of people can all listen to the same music track but all have a different opinion on the music?

Why is it that a group of people can look at modern art and have a different opinion about the work of art?

Why is it that a group of people can all watch the same film but have differing opinions about the film?

Because even with exactly the same stimulus (same music track, same artwork, same movie) we are using our own unique thinking in the moment to come up with an opinion, whether that’s liking, disliking or being indifferent. The stimulus ʻout thereʼ has to ʻgo throughʼ our own filter of thinking first to give us an experience. You don’t get coffee, without putting it through a filter first! And as humans that filter is our thinking in the moment!

This is the true paradigm of how life works: We experience/feel what we think of the outside world via our thinking in the moment. We cannot have any experience of anything without thought (conscious and unconscious) being included.
When we think the outside world is creating how we feel (our own thinking not included) then we are mistaken, and when we include thinking in our experience we are getting to the truth of where our feelings are coming from.

You may be thinking, ʻwhy is this important?ʼ The answer is that when we clear up a misunderstanding of where our feelings/life experience are coming from (our thinking in the moment) we wake up to a life experience unbounded by circumstance.

We are not saying you are ʻcreatingʼ the outside world, just that you are ʻcreatingʼ your own unique experience of the outside world via the powers of being able to think; to be aware of being aware; and being alive (Thought, Consciousness and Mind).


Does gravity have an opinion on what to drop? Or what political party it favours? Like gravity the three principles are entirely neutral and are the invisible powers that makes life work the way it does. As soon as you hear, ʻthe Principles says this or thatʼ this is a man made opinion not the Three Principles.

This universal understanding does not require you to do anything different, change anything, give up anything, practice anything or follow anything. Because the Principles are not any ʻthingʼ, and are in fact ʻevery-thingʼ; so everything is ok, and nothing is disallowed.

Personal Results

At Three Principles Movies we have spent over five years filming almost every field of human endeavour from multibillion dollar corporations, to addiction groups and prisons; we have spoken to different cultures from India and Dubai to New Zealand. One thing is clear- we are all the same and the same in our uniqueness.

Understanding how life works clears up a misunderstanding of how it doesn’t work leading to having a lot less unhelpful thinking like stress, anxiety, fear, anger, judgement, and naturally a lot more peace of mind, resilience and love. In essence we have seen it ʻspiritualiseʼ lives all over the world, and that personal change is creating world change, one person at a time.

Here are some results from various studies utilising the Three Principles understanding:

▪ 90% increase in the ability to remain calm regardless of circumstance
▪ 63% increase in feelings of goodwill and respect
▪ 80% reduction in school truancy rates
▪ 75% reduction in school discipline referrals and suspension
▪ 200% increase in parental involvement in schools
▪ 62% reduction in violent crime
▪ 100% reduction in homicides
▪ 74% reduction in assaults
▪ Significant reduction in stress and absenteeism in the workplace.

Where has it been applied?

▪ Education (primary and secondary schools)
▪ Prisons and Jails
▪ Corporations
▪ Addiction
▪ Criminal Justice System
▪ Psychiatry and mental health
▪ War veteran rehabilitation
▪ Communities
▪ Government Organisation
▪ Health Care
▪ Policing
▪ Sporting Performance
▪ Parenting and relationships

This site can be a first step or part of a sprint into the arms of something extraordinarily ordinary, a profoundly practical jaunt in a direction that has helped and liberated hundredsof thousands of people, young and old, from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

Please do not change or give anything up, but just be curious and enjoy the journey.

Rudi and Jenny Kennard