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Part 7: Clearing up a misunderstanding

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Jamie smart (author of ʻclarityʼ) talks about the root cause of all difficulty is found in
clearing up a misunderstanding of how life works from the inside out.




  1. Lynda says:

    Jag tycker du ska ta chansen att ta en rundtur i en renruatasg, Kicki!Det hade jag velat göra. Intressant att du tar upp MCD, jag tycker det är intressant t ex att de har så hög andel polskt kött i sina burgare, det hade jag inte en aning om.

  2. schaden says:

    This is like my fifth time stopping by your homepage. I always love the content and the way you write. Very smooth and educative at the same time .

  3. Quelle contre-amortie!!! Il a mystifié le maitre pour le coup!! Ai pas vu le débrisage mais suis quand même surpris que Nadal se fasse autant breaker, surtout alors qu’il mène.

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