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Joey Story

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Dr Dicken Bettinger talks about a 13 year old girl called Joey who had an alcoholic mother, had been raped, found her father who committed suicide, was in trouble with the police for vandalism, and was considered ‘incorrigible’ in school. This story is about her transformation and what Dicken learnt from her.

This video is taken from a larger collection of videos with Dr Dicken Bettinger in the 3pmovies on-line training

Rating: 5



  1. Thomas McFarlan says:

    This is a great story that really illustrates the power of t3Ps. The single biggest factor that has prevented t3Ps and other similarly aligned sincere practitioners of psychotherapy to be integrated into schools and into the profession of psychotherapy is the fact that many of the worlds elite who control much of our societies do not want people to have wellbeing and come into themselves… Most of the worlds elite want to keep the masses sick, stupid and otherwise tripping all over themselves so they can be taken advantage of. I know this is a very thorny issue to bring up but the reality is this underlying social-political dynamic is what has and what continues to keep the masses operating outside of their innate wellbeing…

    Rating: 5
  2. Marianne Rist says:

    Thank you for this beautiful moving story and the inner feeling that I too can find my own wisdom. I have tried so hard to learn other beautiful people’s wisdom, thinking they were in some way more than me, they knew something that I couldn’t access. Your talk makes me feel I will find my own wisdom too, and it may not take a long time and a lot of effort, it’s just there inside me, and somehow I know this.

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