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‘It takes no effort to be you.’ Ian Watson: Viva Conference 2015

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‘It takes no effort to be you.’ Ian Watson: Viva Conference 2015

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  1. jane2 says:

    Happy New Year!
    Heartfelt thanks to one and all for so much & for guiding me home; home to me after being lost for so long. It was an honour and a joy to be at my first Viva event – and what an extra ordinary experience for my first time! Thank you, from all of me, where there is now a joy and a light deep within that I honestly, truly never thought I would experience again.”Challenging” times led to my coping with life and this utterly wonderful gift of realisation from the 3P’s has given me a joy of freedom I could never have imagined. (The “old” me would never have spoken as I did after Ian’s opening speech either.. so I can relate well to what you share Jenny!) Heartfelt thanks also go to my dear friend Amanda O’Shea for lending me Sydney’s book and of course, for telling me about Viva! What a year 2015 was (!), so rock on 2016 and am so looking forward to meeting and sharing more with new friends here in UK as well as in Spain again this year.
    In love and joyful gratitude,
    Jane x

    Rating: 5
  2. Tony Callaghan says:

    A lovely presentation from Ian and a generous sharing of ideas and experiences ‘look inside’ is the phrase that always resonates with me!
    Thanks for sharing Ian!

  3. Trinity says:

    So that’s the case? Quite a reteoaviln that is.

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