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Illusions: Life doesn’t work the way you ‘think’ it works!

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Rudi and Jenny Kennard visited ‘Amazing Puzzle world’ in Wanaka, New Zealand and created this visual metaphor to the understanding of the three principles.




  1. kerri_norman says:

    Hey guys – love the site btw. The link to the Illusions vid doesn’t seem to be working. It keeps taking me back to the lovely Joe Bailey.
    Thanks again – your site has been a large source of information in my exploration of the Principles. Discovered it about 4-5 weeks ago via Michael Neill’s work. The Principles are new to me – about 1-2 months fresh but I have no doubt that this is the key to transforming my life. Best wishes – Kerri Norman

  2. yashica_haricharan says:

    Loved the clip. It so resonates with me. You guys are amazing and my inspiration to discover more of the goodness contained in the principles. Thank you

  3. Pam Raney says:

    Loved the clip, what is the music that’s playing?

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