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In 2009 Myself (Rudi) and my wife Jenny had an inspirational idea to go around the world and document the impact the Three Principles were having within numerous fields. The travel, filming and working on the videos and movies site has been done voluntarily on our own time and budget. It has been a life changing project, and sometimes a difficult one, but one which has fundamentally changed our lives and our hearts for the better. We feel deeply grateful for the help and support from the entire Three Principles community, without them and donations from some of our viewers, this site would not be possible – thank you!.

Since the project started we have driven over 10,000 KM (equivalent to driving from London to Moscow four times!) Flown over 82,000 KM (equivalent to almost circumnavigating the globe twice!) Interviewed over 200 people and spent over 2900 Hours editing the videos (thats almost one and a half years full time work!) We now support the movies site through our U.K. practice Innate Wellbeing Ltd

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Rudi and Jenny Kennard
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We are based in Essex, England.

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