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Three Principles Worldwide News

This page gives an overview on what is happening in the three principles community worldwide. If you have some exciting or groundbreaking news please feel free to add it, but not any events or courses (add these in the events section).

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Farnum Center

Farnum Center delivers progressive clinical care to individuals suffering from addiction. All treatment at Farnum Center begins with a focus on individual strengths and resilience. Farnum Center is committed to provide services that are person centered and strength based that recognize individual differences in the path to recovery. Every client in treatment at Farnum Center works with licensed practitioners to develop a treatment plan.

Health Realization/Three Principles Psychology is our primary approach to treatment. The Three Principles include Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. We help our residents become more self aware of the thoughts that they have and how some of those thoughts stick and create feelings and others pass through consciousness without much acknowledgement. We work under the premise that a person in recovery need not change their thinking but are self aware that they think; we call this process an Inside-Out Approach to life. Along with these evidenced based practices, Substance Abuse Treatment at Farnum Center incorporates and recognizes the holistic approach to addiction as well as mental health symptoms as significant contributors to substance use disorders. Farnum Center works with clients to develop resilience, self-awareness, self-worth and the desire to return to their community free of chemical dependence.

Three Principles being shared in Nepal

Rudi and Jenny Kennard from have volunteered for a month to share the 3ps to people traumatised from the earthquakes. They have started a social fund it site, and are hoping to raise enough to fund other facilitators flying out after their project ends at the end of July 2015. To view videos blogs of this project hit the link below

New 3P children’s book!

Izzy is an ordinary girl who learns to look at life in an extraordinary way: from the inside out. Talking with her mom, Izzy clearly sees the connection between what she thinks, what she feels and what she experiences. That makes things a lot easier.

Izzy holds a speech with butterflies in her stomach; she wants to quit her guitar lessons and the boy from next door acts like a bully. In addition, she has a wonderful sleepover at her Nan’s house and she learns about night- and daymares. Izzy has a dog whose name is Spike and who’s almost always happy. Dog’s don’t think that much, you know.

Inside Out Izzy is a book for children aged 6 to 106. Available at and Amazon.

Tammy Furey (from the 3 principles for families centre) about ‘Inside Out Izzy: ‘I was absolutely blown away by this book! I confess that I am a Three Principles Practitioner who works with families, so from a professional perspective I will be using this book and recommending it to clients and educators. From the perspective of a Mother, I started reading this to my 7 year old daughter and she loved it! She really engaged with the story and wanted to know more about Izzy – it was a character that she could really relate to and she didn’t feel that she was being “taught” or “lectured to” which is a fabulous balance to successfully maintain’.

This book was originally written (and is also available) in Dutch under the title ‘Binnenstebuiten Bente’

New Three Principles in Foreign Language Resources

A new section on this site offers videos, translations and subtitled principle based videos in over ten different languages! Click the language field at the top of this site for a drop down menu of different languages.

Three Principles Used in U.K. Prisons.

Although the three principles have been used in American prisons, for the first time they are being offered to U.K. inmates, through the awesome work of Birmingham based ‘Beyond Recovery’. Click the link below for more information

Three Top Ten, Principle Based Books in U.K. Stores!

A friend took a picture of the WH Smith’s top 10 books with three, three principle based books in there. I think this is a first! Well done to Jamie Smart for ‘Clarity’, Chantal Burns for ‘Instant Motivation’ and Michael Neill for ‘Inside Out Revolution!’

With many more principle based books in the pipeline, I really see this understanding breaking into the mass media!

Principle Based Treatment Centre Going From Strength to Strength

‘Gulf Breeze’ a Florida based drug and alcohol recovery centre is one of the few centres using an exclusively three principle based understanding to help clients. The Three Principles Movies team visited the centre last November and witness unprecedented results.

Well done to the Gulf Breeze team for taking the business on to such a success. You can view some of the transformation in the link below.