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Part 1: Intro to Mara Gleason

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An introduction to Mara Gleason from ʻOne Thought Instituteʼ. Filmed in 2013


We have more videos, including a full video training series with Mara Gleason on collection 2 of the on-line training.

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  1. Hi Mara,
    My name is Linda Gallicchio and I am Michael and Katie Gallicchio’s mom. Peter and Mike were friends growing up in Northbobo. Katie told me about your website. This is the business I am currently in myself. I love seeing you do this work. I am a spiritual counselor (not religious), and the work of living inside out are today and the future. I teach others how to use their intuition and clairs and other tools in the world of the formless to be guided to their purpose in this lifetime and their gifts they may not have yet uncovered. I have been healing for 25 years and truly believe the world will heal one person at a time. You possess so much wisdom and it is wonderful to see you use your gifts in this work. If you have time one day I would love to speak to you about your work and mine. You can find me on Wainwright Global Institute of professional Coaching, the phone number is there. Blessings to you Linda Gallicchio 818-257-8480

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